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Future Plans for Awkward Stock Photos

To my awkward cohorts,

So, um… err… you may have noticed a few changes around the place. Namely, the lack of “photos” this “website” may have “promised” you.

If you haven’t heard, istockphoto got angry. VERY angry. They contacted tumblr and tumblr was all like “word dawg, we’re sorry these doods are showing everyone your professional photos of men holding each others wangs in the bathroom, we’ll have them remove the photos.” And then proceeded to tell us to change all the photos to links. Even the non istock photos. (tumblr doesn’t need this shit.)

Before any of this happened, we had been taking your awkward submissions and adding them to that neat little “queue” feature tumblr has. Well, now we have a queue of hundreds of photos that can’t be shown. The plan is to start using text links, which should make your experience getting to the awkwardness as quick as possible without showing you the image. However, because the photo posts are already uploaded, we have to delete the photo post and then re-post the links as text posts. Post post post. Wah.

The true conversion will happen sometime this weekend.

Please keep submitting! We can’t do this without you.


- Mawkward McStockphotos

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