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The Tumblr overlords have informed us that iStockPhoto has its panties in a bunch and this blog is in violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. We can’t exactly argue that point, other than this isn’t a money-making endeavor and every photo links back to its source, which, if our analytics have anything to say about it, has allowed tens of thousands of eyeballs get back to see these artists’ works over the past couple of weeks. Maybe someone even decided to buy something.

Similar blogs that use other source materials have gotten book deals *cough* LATFH *cough* thisiswhyyourefat *cough* *cough*.

Nonetheless, we have until the end of the day to change every image into a link or this blog will be suspended. So if things look different — or gone completely — just know it’s been fun.

Thanks for all the submissions you’ve sent. We hope some of these pictures at least brightened your day a bit.

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